Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Day

Spring break! Yes! Oh, I need this. :) Just one week of relaxing and fun. Sigh.

Currently watching Criminal Minds. It is literally the scraiest show I've ever watched. Its so difficult to watch it all by myself because I get so freaked out! These people on this show are just creapy and sick. Yuck. :/ But at the same time its so addicting because its so scary!

Hahahaha. I'm just a huge contradiction. Have you seen the Starburst commerial that has the Scottish Koreans? It made me laugh so hard the first time I saw that. :) The same things in life are so amazing.
Here's Jessica at Cafe Urth in Hollywood. :) Lately her style's been slouchy-chic--she looks amazing but she looks like she's not even trying. So jealous. Her daughter is so adorable. I love the name Honor, its so unqiue. Here's how to get Jessica's style. Enjoy!

Nothing much to report. My life has been pretty low key in the past couple days. :) Totally bombed my science test but, oh well. Life goes on right? Am frantically trying to finish reading The Last Song  before I go see it. So far its really good! :) But I'm only five chapters into it.

I've decided to extend the length of my giveaway because, well, this week I kind of just want to relax. Yes, I'm being lazy but its spring break! Next week I'll back into the swing of things and I'll get down to business. I promise! :D

Did anyone go and see Alice in Wonderland? Was it any good? :) Bye! Enjoy the rest of your day.