Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red Hot!

I don't know if you guys can see it but Kate has her nails painted this beautiful deep red. I love her dress. Its Burberry Prorsum. I posted about it earlier, here. A little bit of a sidenote but has anyone heard those rumors that Kate got a boob job? That's crazy. I hate how the media always picks on women and their bodies.

Magazines sometimes takes a picture of a girl smiling and then compares it to a picture of the same girl not smiling and they say she got a nose job because her nose looks slimmer. Well, of course her nose is going to be bigger when you're smiling. Thats what happens! Duh. Oh, geez

Okay. Mini rant over. Back to Kate's nails rather than her...other stuff. :)

I really like the idea of a bright red for summer/spring. Here's jsut a small list of my favorite red colors for summer. Red reminds me of the beach...and sunburns. Hahaha.

Off With Her Red
Out of all the colors I picked. Off With Her Red is the truest red. Its a red-red. Believe me. If you want a bold, bright color then pick this color. I think if you have a really, really light skintone or a really dark skintone this color would look so good on. It would pop so well.

Conquistadorable Color
This nailpolish color isn't a crayon red, its more like berry red. But its a really, really pretty deep berry color. Its one of my favorite polishes ever! :) And the name is so cute, right? Conquistadorable...that's adorable! Very punny, I know. :) But it would be a really cute, deep color for summer. Its more of a mature color.

Manicurist of Seville
This is the most sophisticated color of all of these. Its also the darkest. I would say. Its like Conquistadorable Color but its darker and less pink. It has more red undertones. This is also a berry color. Like I said its really sophisticated and mature and I think that I would normally wear this color in the winter but I love the idea of wearing winter colors in the summer. My clothes in summer are normally really bright and so a more mute nail helps balance everything.

Tropical Punch
Talk about a fun color. This is almost neon, but not quite. But it is definately a super bright color but summer is the brightest time of the year, so why not celebrate with fun colors. I will admit that when I first saw this color in the bottle I didn't know if I would like it or not but once I saw it on my nails I changes my mind. I wouldn't wear this color in the winter but its a great summer color.

An Affair in Red Square
This is my favorite red color of all time. I love the name. Maybe its because it rhymes? Hahaha. :) Its a dark red color but I really, really like it. Sorry if you don't like dark colors because it seems like most of the  colors I'm picking are these dark, deep reds. But I'm looking at Kate's nails and I really, really like that color. Its so pretty. An Affair in Red Square is also sooo pretty. In love!

All the colors above are OPI. :) I love that brand. But my parents hate it because they don't think I should spend so much money on nailpolishes. What's you're favorite brand of nailpolish? Please help me make my parents happy with low prices. :)