Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Music, MAC, and a Movie

Someone asked me in the comments of my last post and I realized something. I haven't talked about The Last Song! I told you guys that I was going to go see it but I never told you guys what happened. :)

But first I have to say I'm currently lusting after MAC's Sushi Flower and Expresso. They're both such pretty colors. I've heard good things about them so I'm hoping that when I do buy them they're everything I hoped they would be. :)

Warning!! There might be SPOLIERS so if you want to go see it then just skip this post. Overall I thought it was a pretty good movie.

The little boy who played Jonah, Miley's character's littler brother was ADORABLE! I loved him. He was such a good actor. I almost cried when he started crying. He was so cute. :) I kind of think that he was a better at fake crying than Miley was. Sorry Miley.

But she wasn't very good at fake crying. There was one point where I was going to cry but then Miley started crying and it kind of ruined it for me. But the movie was sooo much better than Dear John. I was kind of going into the movie thinking that it would kind of be like Dear John and suck but it didn't.

I was pleasantly surprised.
Miley and Liam had great chemistry. The movie was filled with just about every cliche in the book but there's a reason why cliches are cliches, right? People enjoy cliches. I did.
 I especially loved the singing in the car scene. Liam was sooo funny. :) It had the whole theater cracking up!

I went with Maggie, Maddy, and Jenny. Why do all my friends have names that end in the "ie/y" sound? Hmmm...My name's Lane. So I guess I don't fit the mold. Oh, well.

Maggie was crying so much. I looked over and she was just bawling. But I also especially love the songs When I Look At You and Tyrant off the soundtrack. Soo good. :) But does anyone know the song that plays at the very begining of the movie? Maggie would like to know.

Oh, and guess what? I finally found my book. Jenny DID have it!

But last night before I went to bed I was reading the book. Its getting really, really good. :) I would go see it again. Despite Miley's inability to cry convincingly. :) Liam is really cute too. I would recommend this movie for anyone who wants to cry. Bring your tissues! :D