Monday, April 5, 2010

I Was Blind Sided

See:The Blind Side
This movie was sooo good! No wonder Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for Best Actress. I loved her southern spunk and Michael's honest sincerity. The little boy was super cute too! If you haven't caught this movie than it just came out on DVD earlier this week. You need to check it out! Even if you're not a huge football fan (I don't really like football) the story is so compelling that you forget that its supposed to be a sports movie. :) I just bought the book the movie is based off of. If its half as good as the movie than it will be money well spent.

Read:Big Boned
This is the third book in Meg Cabot's popular Heather Wells series. Think Nancy Drew but about fifteen years older and if Nancy Drew used to be a teen popstar with a loser popstar ex-boyfriend. :) I know, its so good. The past two books were amazing. I know I talked about the book Size 12 is Not Fat on my blog. Just click here to check it out. :) I recommend this book for anyone who's looking for a laugh and good ole whodunit. :)

Watch:Giuliana and Bill
Giuliana and Bill are hilarious! This show is so fascinating. They're just a regular old couple that have their diffrences (did anyone catch that episode where they got remarried?) but most of the time they're just a cute fun-loving pair. They're not too serious most of the time and in some ways this show kind of reminds me of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Just a little. :) If you're looking for a good laugh check these two out. :)

Wear:Michael Kors' Very Hollywood
This scent is soo addicting. If you don't know, I adore perfumes. But for the past two weeks I have constantly been reaching for this one scent. The bottle is so adorable and wearing it is kind of bitter-sweet (I mean I smell sooo good but I don't want to use up the entire bottle!). Every time I spritz myself, I glance down at the level of liquid in the bottle and I get a little nervous. :)