Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Time

Happy Easter!!

Hello everyone! I just hit 350 followers. I know, its the best Easter present I could have gotten. :) Thank you for everyone who hit that little "follow" button off to the side. I really appreciate it. And thank you!! :D

This Easter my family and I are keeping it low key. It's my mom's birthday today. We made her a cake and got her flower. Made her a card and we're all waiting for her to wake up. The birthday girl should be able to sleep as long as she'd like, right?

Anyway, I know this happened almost a week ago but I'm still excited about it. :) Grace from Smile Couture put me in her March 27, 7 on Saturday. It was really cool to be reading her blog post and then I see my words under the Blogger Quote of the Week. :)

Thanks Grace. You made my day. Here's a link to her post. And here's another link to the blogpost I actually said that quote in. She has a new 7 on Saturday post up for you guys to check out.

Nothing much to report. Spring Break is almost officially over. NOOoooo! But sadly its true. Wish I had a time machine so I could start my spring break all over again. Anybody know where I can get one? Anybody? Anybody?

Sigh. :/ Going to go Easter Egg hunting. Wish me luck! And again, Happy Easter everyone!!