Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Every Princess Needs a Crown

Razzle Dazzle had a tag/award on her blog and I thought it would be fun to do it. :) So here it goes...

Who is your style icon?
Um...I'd have to say Lauren Conrad and Victoria Beckham. :)

What is your favorite socialite lit book?
I'm not sure if I know what a socialite lit book is. But my favorite chick lit books are anything written  by Meg Cabot. She's so funny and I know that when I pick up one of her books I'll laugh. Does anyone want to tell me what a socialite lit book is?

Favorite party theme?

Go to Halloween costume?
Probably a witch. I'm not very original. :)

Extravagance you can't live without?
Cable and Internet. Do those count as extravagances?

Living person you admire?
Roger Federer and Diane Von Furstenberg. I couldn't pick just one.

Greatest Fear?
Heights. And being eaten by a shark.

Trait you deplore about yourself?
My need to fill awkward silences. Which normally only makes a awkward situation more awkward...

Which talent would you most like to have?
I wish I could do flips like a gymnast!

Greatest achievement?
Lettering in tennis. :)

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I tag everyone who wants to do it. :) Its fun to learn more about my fellow bloggers. Just write in the comments if you do do it. I really want to come and check it out! :D