Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breathe With No Air

L: Zig Zag Scarf ($6.50)  R: Fab Cuff Denim Shorts ($7.00)

Spring Break is over! :/ I know, I'm bummed too. I finished the paper that I was supposed to do over spring break Sunday night but I think it turned out okay. Espeically considering it was a last niute project. :)
Here's another post about cute deals. All of them are ten dollars or less! That's amazing, right?
Okay, to clear up some confusion my giveaway is ending Friday. April 9th. I extended the date because I was lazy over spring break and decided I didn't want to do anything invovled with a giveaway. I'm not sure if you know this but I'm a huge procrastinating. Huge! :)
This year I've been trying to work on that issue but as you can see with my paper and my contest, I haven't been very successful so far. But I still have more than half a year to work on that so give me time. :)
Got to go do something. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, I hope. :) Am I the only one who tends to procrastinate? Am I alone? Please tell me I'm not. Happy Belated April Fools! :D