Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Getting A Little Old

Guess what? This is officially my 101st post. Pretty cool, huh? I know. I'm super excited. I was looking at all my blog posts yesterday and I realized that when I posted yesterday that was my 100th post. 50 of them are from 2009 and 50 are from 2010.

Kind of cool how that all worked out. But I don't really have anything to talk about. I went shopping today and I might do a haul later. It's not really that exciting. Just workout clothes. :) Went to Target, Sport's Authority, and Burger King. And we picked up Cuties from Costco.

In my second to last post I talked about having a college crisis and for people who've gone/picked out colleges, I'm just wondering how you guys made that deciscion. I've thoguht about going to UW or the Univeristy of Auburn but a small part of me sometimes feel like I'm going there because my parents want me to go there, you know?

Anyways, any advice you can give will be appreciated. :)

Contest ended yesterday. Yay! It only took forever. :) Thanks for your patience. I'll declare the winner tomorrow in my blog. I'm about to find out who won right now.

I'm just kind of blabbering on now so I'm going to go watch TV or something. :) Sorry if this blog post completely bored you. I just don't have anything to write about. I'm just chilling in a pair of shorts and a regular old tee with nothing to do.

Next weekend will be exciting. Tennis team sleepover! :D Yay. Okay, bye guys. Talk to you later.