Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Single Cloud in the Sky

Today is the day I'm going to see The Last Song. We get a delayed start tomorrow. Sooo excited. To celebrate I'm writing about this right before I go. I've heard only good things about this movie so I'm hoping that its really good! Here's Miley Cyrus and her All Saints Damisi Boots. :) Enjoy.

Taking a Walk in Hollywood. Wearing All Saints Damisi Boots,
Balenciaga Bal 0067s Aviator Sunglasses, Simone Camille Shoulder Bag,
Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Tweed Boho Cardigan, and
Simple Black Jeans.

Out in Toluca Lake. Wearing Roberto Cavalli Tiresia Sunglasses, Anlo Willa Jeans,
Balenciaga Giant Pompon Bag, All Saints Damisi Boots, and KAiN Label 3 Strap Tank.

At a Recording Studio in in Hollywood. Wearing All Saints Damisi Boots, Miley Cyrus
 and Max Azria Denim Shorts, Simone Camille Shoulder Bag, Plain White Tank, and
Beige Colored Cardigan.

Out in Dublin. Wearing All Saints Damisi Boots, Giorgio Armani Calf Chevron-Print
Tote, All Saints Dream Tee, Black Leggings, Knee Socks, and a Black Puffer Jacket.

Went to my friend's softball game last week. It was really funny because I now know that I know little to nothing about softball. My friend was trying to explain it all to me but turns out he doesn't know that much about softball either. Hahaha. He tried to tell me that you got walk to first base if you just didn't hit the ball. Like if you just stood there. (That's wrong by the way).

It sounded wrong to me because my logic was telling me, if you just didn't have to hit any balls to make it to first base than why would you hit the ball? Just stand there, right? Turns out you get to walk to first base if you get four balls (pitches that are outside the batting zone). Yeah, I had someone else explain it to me. :)

I'm not a big sports person. Well, other than tennis. I love that. Going to practice super hard that way I can come back and be even better. nd win.

Do you want to see The Last Song? I'm a little worried that Miley might not be a good actress. Idk. I hope I'm wrong. :) I'm super excited. I'll tell you guys how it was when I get back. Comment!