Sunday, April 11, 2010

You're the Lucky One!

Okay, my contest has come to an end. For me, its a little bitter sweet because, well, this was my first contest and of course I can never have another first contest again. :)

I know most of you are like, get on with it already! :) Okay. Drumroll please? Drrrrrmmmmm. The winner is.....Fun in Sun. Yay! Just email me with your information and where you would like me to send your prize.
Anway, I didn't want this to just be a blogpost annoucing the winner but I also wanted to share with you A Month of Outfits. It was an article/feature in the Lucky issue with Jessica Szhor on the cover.  You know the one from Gossip Girl?

This article was all about a month of outfits only using 39 articles of clothing. That includes shoes, jewelry, and jackets. Everything, well besides underwear, that you would need to wear. And I must admit that I've seen features like this before but a lot of times I sit there wondering, "Would anyone actually wear that? Because I know that I would not leave the hosue looking like that."

I'm very particular about what I wear. :) Anyway, I was surprised, pleasantly, when I saw that almost every outfit that Lucky Magazine put together I kind of loved. It's so nice to be pleasantly surprised rather than the other way around. :)

I think I'm going to re-organize/re-decoarte my room. Its painted this ugly, seafoam blue-green color. Hmmm...I think its time for a change. My room is a complete mess. No joke. Just wondering, but, are you messy or super organized?

Leave a Comment below! Bye. :)