Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Walked, I Ran, I Jumped, I Flew

I have some free time before I have to go study so I just thought I'd check and watch a couple episodes of Guiliana and Bill on E! I'm a horrible procrastinator but almost my entire day yesterday was wasted doing an APUSH project. Yuck. :/

Here are some cute deals I found online. I really like the headband and the blue shirt. So pretty. :)

I have so much going on in the month of May. I have APUSH and AP English testing. I have my SAT's. I have my regular school work. I have tennis. I'm just so ready for some relaxation. And writing posts for my blog is just the thing I need. :)

I'm going to go see the Back-Up Plan today. I'm not going with any friends. Its more of a babysitting job. But I don't get paid. My mom and her friends like to go watch movies but her friend has a daughter who's in fifth grade and I come along to keep her occupied so Mom and Kim can have "grown-up girl bonding time".

I hope its good. But the guy who plays opposite J-Lo is really cute! :) Sigh. And he's Australian. I love a guy with an accent.