Saturday, April 17, 2010

Enough About Eve

Blair (a.k.a. Leighton Meester) looks stunning in this look. This is a shot from the episode, Enough About Eve. Its the one where Blair really wants to deliver the freshmen toast and NYU. It was a good one. I haven't seen the most recent episodes lately though.

The yellow and the green color seem like they're going to clash but when they're put together they actually go quite nicely. This reminds me how the other day I had to explain to my dad that their was a difference between matching and going together. He still does quite understand. :)

Back to the topic at hand. Is that not the cutest lunchbox you've ever seen? Sigh. Its amazing. I was looking at the Paige Gmable website and she has a ton of other super cute lunchboxes. All of them equally adorable. :) Okay, here's how you can get Blair's look.

I cannot put into words how much I adore this dress. :) Its just so cute. The color is stunning and the zipper detailing gives it an edge. I like it when clothing items just have random zipper details on them. It can make a super feminine garmet a bit tougher, you know? Maybe its just me. :) So chic.

Did anyone see the newest epsiode of Glee? That show is so funny. Does anyone remember the Single Ladies dance? Hilarious! I laughed so hard. :) Stomach is grumbling I think its time to eat. Got to go.