Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strike A Pose

Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

That's when the long awaited Project Runway new episode comes on. Yes, Lifetime is the new host and I don't know what that means for the show but I hope its a good thing. I miss Tim, Heidi, Nina, & Micheal. But especially Tim.

Did you guys see him on Drop Dead Diva (summer fav.) last week? "What is this project run on sentence?" Oh, Tim. :D

But this season will be awesome. But if you guys don't want to hear me have a mini rant about Th Fashion Show skip down to where it says end. :)

What was Bravo thinking when they replaced Project Runway (super classy with fashion model host Heidi Klum) with wannabe The Fashion Show with Kelly Rowland (what does she have to do with fashion? Don't we all remember her days with Destiny's Child? circa. "Say My Name" eww. :P)

But I'm done ranting. I did say mini, :) END.

But I'm just so excited. I think about all the great fashion designers that have been on that show and its so exciting. Sorry if I'm sounding kind of redundant but Project Runway is the only...talent kind of competition show I watch. Not American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, or Survivor. This show is so much better. I mean it has Tim Gunn. Need I say more?

But watch it comes on August 20 at 10p/11c and decide for yourself. :D

Who's your favorite designer? I love Christian & Chloe!