Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pink & Pamper

Manicures. I could sit back anytime, anywhere and happily get a manicure. Or a pedicure. Doesn't matter to me. Although pedicures scared me slightly due to the fungul thing. But I try to tell myself I'm being crazy. (then I specifically ask for the lady to bleach the bowl, I'm blanking on what its acutally called, before I put my foot in it) Handy tip: any place that charges you for that serive (& I've had that happen) isn't a good nail salon. Go somewhere else. :)

But since I'm not made of money I like to give myself manicures. Its a little treat that costs me however much a bottle of nail polish costs.

But now none of you probably know this but...I have another addiction other than shopping. I collect nail polishes. I know it sounds dumb but I love experimenting with different colors & designs. Although I can never quite make my french tips look quite as well as I'd like but I'm over it. (kind of)Princesses Rule! (OPI) over a coat of Got a Date To-Knight! (OPI)

Anyway. My favorite brands are OPI (small but highly prized part of my collection) & Splash which is a small cosmetic company based out of my home state. Their nail polishes are super cute & cheap but at this time I don't think you can buy them online. I order mine through a girl I know and I'm not sure how she does it. hmmm.....

But moving on. I love experimenting (although I'm kind of conservative design-wise). You won't see me walking aroung with crazy flamingos on my fingers (p.s. thats a little trashy).

____________________ Princesses Rule!
But a good portion of my money goes towards nail polish. Its like I said earlier an addiction. But its makes me happy. At least I don't pay for manicures as often as I could. That would be a complete waste of money. But from time to time I pamper myself & let someone else do the work.

How do you pamper yourself?