Thursday, August 20, 2009

Attack of the Plaid!


It is official. Plaid is everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
On today's Project Runway special epsiode entitled Project Runway: All Star Challenge I saw plaid in the place I least expected it. Chris made two super cute garmets made of plaid. I was a little surprised because (a) they looked so good and not at all costumey and (b) because they looked so good and it was made out of plaid.
As I've started to buy clothes for Fall, I've noticed all of the plaid. But shifting through plaid garmet after plaid garmet I would have to blind not to have noticed. Plaid skirts, shirts, glasses, pants, vests, dresses, belts, jackets, etc. etc. I can only imagine what schools will look like in the fall...what a nightmare.

Where did this sudden obsession with this pattern begin? I remember when plaid was only worn by cowboys or my Uncle Carlton. But now its worn by everyone. And I know that I might sound like a plaid hater but I don't. I think if worn right like Nikki, Jessica, and Lauren. So chic.

But there are many, and I mean many ways to end up looking like a Scottish impersonator. See picture to the left. hmmmm....not the look I'm assuming most of you ladies are going for. _____
I will admit that I have plaid shirts. Yes, I too don't know why I'm so attracted to the pattern but I find myself drawn to its acclectic colored lines and patches. I'm not sure I will ever figure out what about plaid makes it so hot at the moment. But I will wear my pink plaid top, destressed jeans, & wayfarer sunglass with confidence and smile at all the other girls who seemed to be dressed exactly like me.
It's seen on the runway, celebrties, and just normal girlies like me. If you haven't done so yet, jump on board, before plaid becomes a long forgotten memory except in the closets of the Scottish, the cowboys, and good ole Uncle Carl. :)