Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall Needs: Jackets

Fall is upon us. Summer is almost gone and with it the opportunity to wear short sleeves and high hems. But one of the first thing any self respecting girl buys for Fall is a good jacket. Although a lot of girls at the high school and middle school haven't figured out that jackets look cute, keep them warm, and can be taken off once inside.

They insist on walking to school in a mini skirt and thin cardigan. Hey here's a tip: if there is snow on the ground put a jacket on. (many of you think I'm exaggerating but you wouldn't believe the things I see on my drive in the morning)
So since I like to keep warm and I love jackets, they are always something I pick up for my Fall /Winter closet. The first type of jacket that I think is super cute is the pea coat-like jacket. Its super warm because of the material its made out of and I really want to get one in white, navy, or mustard. Taylor chose a great color and she looks warm. :)

The next jacket I kind of debating on whether I should get it is the jacket that Bella wore in Twilight. (I'm a little obsessed. Although I never got the Rob Pattinson appeal) But I'm just a little worried that I will blend in with all the high schoolers already wearing this jacket. hmmm....Its a dilemma but maybe if I got it in white the not as many people will match me. Oh, I don't know. But please don't judge me, I just really liked the books. (the movie was horrible but for some reason I found it hilarious when I first watched it. Why did Kristen feel the need to stutter for three minutes when Edward was telling her he was leaving. (Ok, I know it was shocking but wasn't that shocking.) Ok, Twilight rant over. Sorry. :) Moving on to jackets.

The next jacket I really want to find is a leather jacket. But I'm a little afraid that I'll end up looking a little like a wannabe biker but I'm hoping that won't happen. I saw this one in Marie Claire and I just fell. I couldn't take my eyes away from it. I love it.

What type of jacket are you going to buy for fall? How do you think I could wear a leather jacket and keep it un-bikery? I bought one but that's my biggest fear.

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Photos curtesy of People Magazine, Pac Sun, & Guess