Friday, August 6, 2010


Emma Watson cut her hair! :) Eeek! I love it. I absolutely adore women who are strong enough and bold enough to sport short hair. I don't think I'm in a position that I'm confident enough to cut off my hair. It's my safety blanket, I guess.

Emma said on her facebook that cutting her hair was "the most liberating thing ever." At some point in my life I want to be ready to cut it all off but I'm not there quite yet.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some other strong women who look fabulous with their short hair.

Jamie Lee Curtis. I think she is the definition of a strong woman and she is known for her short hair. I mean, not many women are comfortable enough to wear their hair grey. They're afraid of aging or becoming old but I love the fact that this woman embraces it.

She doesn't try to hide the fact that she's not twenty anymore. And I admire that. :) She goes to show that short hair isn't for the super young, its for everyone.

Next, there're spunky Keira Knightley. Who is the actress in two of my favorite movies ever. Bend it Like Beckham and Pride and Prejudice. Both are amazing. If you haven't seen them...well, watch them!

One makes me wish that I lived in Britain and had super soccer skills. While the other makes me wish that I lived in Britain and had an adorable Mr. Darcy to fall in love with. Sigh. That movie gets me everytime.

But Keira's hair looks so edgy like this. So fun and carefree. Keira is such a beautiful woman. Honestly. I loved her Chanel commericials with Joss Stone singing in the background. I die. [sound like Rachel Zoe, much?]

This post is starting to get kind of long so I decided to cut it off here. Other girls with short hair that I love include Victoria Beckham [honestly how can I talk about pixie hair and not talk about Posh? it seems like I blog about her constantly!] and, Halle Berry [she was kick butt in X-Men], and Natalie Portman [good thing she shaved her head before Britney did. but she has guts. i would never be able to do that.] All these women are amazing.

I feel a little like I'm Tyra Banks, you know, preaching about strong women but...whatever. I can get a little preachy every once and a while, right? I'll just try to spread it out. Okay? Bye!