Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flying Solo

I just finished reading the September 2010 issue of Marie Claire. The one with Mary-Kate Olsen on the cover. Honestly I believe it was one of the most well put together issues I've seen in a long, long time.

It hard articles that caught my interest and photo shoots that took my breath away. A true fashion icon [in my humble opinion] graced the cover--rather than celebrities that can't tell Chanel from H&M. [wow. that sounded really snobby and mean. but again this is just my humble opinion and i didn't mean it to come across that way]

Anyway, this issue reminded me of when Ashley Olsen graced the cover last summer [click here to read the article written by the ever talented Lucy Kaylin]. I picked that issue up and it made me realize that she was no longer my tween idol but there were different reasons to admire her. Ashley's youthful innocent glow was replaced with a sophisticated sense of confidence.  

Her posture was proud and strong but at the same time graceful and vulnerable. [traits that i completely and utterly admire in a woman.] Plus, I adore her clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth and James. I tend to be more attracted to the later but the Row is still an amazing.
I loved that spread so much and I knew that I had to post it here! Enjoy. :)

Amazing. :) Marie Claire is one of my favorite magazines--ever. I read Seventeen [i've been subscribed since jr. high], Marie Claire, and Elle. I sometimes read a few others but those are my main ones I enjoy.

I know I already said this but the latest issue of Marie Claire was amazing. I read it on for the hour I sat at the gate waiting to board my plane and then spent the hour long plane ride reading it. Isn't that amazing? Normally I skim through magazines and I'm done in like fifteen minutes. An hour if I'm lucky.

But two hours? That's insane. :) Loved this issue so much. Keep up the good work MC! :)

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