Monday, August 16, 2010

And the Winner is...

Hello readers. :) It's Lane here.

I know my contest ended a really, really long time ago and I haven't posted the winner. I'm sorry! I honestly am. But it wasn't very smart of me to end my contest around the time that I was going to be spending at my  Grandma's.

I honestly thought that I'd have more time to post and obviously pick a winner but my Aunt and cousins surprised everyone by coming down early. Please enter mornings getting up early to go to the beach, dinners filled with great food and better company, and nights stayed up late talking, laughing, and dancing in our pajamas.

I know to some people that excuse isn't good enough--and the only thing I can say is: I'm sorry. I had no intentions of making you guys wait this long. I've already had a few comments about waiting too long. And so now that I've had a moment of free time, I'm here to announce the winner!

My cousins wanted to do it the old fashion way, so as we watched TV, we wrote out entries for everyone--and I mean everyone--who entered. Over all it took us four hours. We had to write them all out and then double, and triple check to make sure that we got everyone.

So exhausting. Next time I'm going to use A lot faster. But my little cousin wanted to be the one to pick the name out of a hat. :)

Sigh. I should have taken pictures but at the end we were all so ready to be finished. And now...after all this time. The winner is....

Congratulations. I hope everyone enjoyed the giveaway. I'm going to be doing another one soon featuring Soft Lips. :) I'm so beyond excited!