Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amelia Would Be Jealous Pt. One

Talk about the highlight of fall 2010 rtw. Oh. My. God. Burberry Prorsum was stunning and I mean absolutely stunning. I know that the actually runway show was months ago but right before fall starts I look back and seriously take a look at all the collections.

The show happened in February. Summer hadn't even started yet! And so I took a quick glance in February and then pushed it to the back of my brain. I remember seeing this collection the first time and thinking it was stunning but sometimes I hype memories up in my mind and I remember them being a lot better than they actually are.

That, thankfully, was not the case here. I believe that Christopher Bailey is a genius. [underline and in bold letters!] I love everything he does. And each season I'm just more and more impressed with what he's able to do.

If you couldn't tell from my earlier ravings, Burberry is my favorite fashion house. And rightly so. It is a classic, iconic brand that has been around for [it seems like] forever. Okay, onto the fashion!

Okay, I do have one problem with this collection. And its kind of a big problem: I don't know which jacket I love the most. [laughs] Do you see my dilemma? I mean they're all impeccably tailored and would look amazing in any woman's closet.


I must commend Christopher Bailey for a job well-done. I was hesitant about the whole military trend. I mean, I thought it was cute but after seeing this again...I'm obsessed. :) Sigh.