Friday, August 20, 2010

Softlips Review + Giveaway!!

My Target giveaway has recently ended. I got so many entries and I'm glad that it was so well received. :) I'm so sorry that I haven't been blogging lately. I's been pretty horrible. But I am trying to spend as much time in with my family as possible.

I know its not a good enough excuse but...its true. :) I love spending time with my family...they're crazy. In a lovable and kind of normal way. :) But its been pretty cramped here. It is my grandma, my two uncles, my aunt, my two cousins, my mom, my sister, and I all crammed into a three bedroom house.

If you lost count that's nine people. And this house was built in the fifties [meaning the rooms aren't that big!].

Talk about a full house. [sorry for the lame joke!] But onto the review! Softlips. The products were sent to me about a month ago...yeah, I think a month ago maybe two. And I was beyond thrilled when I received the package. Softlips are by far my favorite chap stick. I received their original line.

There are eight flavors in their original line. [from left to right] Vanilla, Wildberry, Coconut Cream, Peach Mango, Cherry, Raspberry, Mint with a hint of Vanilla, and Strawberry.

My favorites are Vanilla [i have seven of those now], Wildberry [the scent is really fresh], and Mint with a hint of Vanilla [which is really weird because i'm not a mint person--at all]. But in all honesty all of these flavors are amazing and it was really hard to narrow it down to three.

The product is really, really smooth and makes your lips feel super moist and soft. [i wonder why they named the company Softlips? Hmmm...] The packaging is also really cute and will fit in the front pocket of your jeans without the weird bump that a lot of other chap sticks give you.

Plus, I don't know if you know this but Softlips Original line gives you a SPF 15 protection. Keeping your lips safe from the sun's harmful rays. Which is always a plus. Even though it sounds weird, your lips do get burned [a chapped feeling] if you stay in the sun too long.

Another thing I really love about this company is the tingling sensation you get when you put it on. To me the tingling sensation gives me a peace of mind. The sensation means the product is working. And I noticed that if I reapply another coat after a few hours, the tingling sensation is gone. So I'm assuming that means my lips have pretty much reached their capacity for moisture.

Plus, the smell is amazing. Sigh. Unlike a lot of chap sticks Softlips works just as well but smells 10 times better. No lie! :)

Correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I think it means. :) I honestly love this product. 100%! And completely recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their lips soft especially when winter comes [the cold air absorbs moisture from your lips making them more chapped]. I actually bought my sister products from the PURE [organic] line for her birthday. She's a Softlips junkie too. [i hope she doesn't read this post]


Okay! Onto the giveaway. So exciting. :)

One lucky reader will win a $75 gift card to Target. [i know some of you are like, 'again? you just had a Target gift card giveaway. can you be a little more original?'] But gift cards are easy because I know the person who win will really like their prize because they're going to pick it out themselves.

Plus, Target is where I purchased my sister's birthday present from and I know that they carry the complete Softlips line. So maybe you could pick up a few products to keep your lips healthy during the winter? :)

To enter just comment below. :) Simple, right?

1. You don't have to be 18 or older
2. Have to be a Viva La Fashion follow on GFC. If you're not just click the button on the top left. Its simple and free!
3. Leave your e-mail address in the comments so I know how to contact you.
4. Contest ends October 6, 2010. *EDIT: Since I will be traveling on the day the contest ends and I don't come home until the seventeenth, the contest end date has been extended! Contest now ends on the 18th*
5. I'm sorry but the contest is only open to residents of  Canada and the U.S.

Extra ways to enter:*
1. Go to Softlips' Facebook page and press the 'like' button
2. Go to Viva La Fashion's Facebook page and press the 'like' button
3. Follow Softlips on Twitter
4. Blog/Tweet/Facebook about this giveaway

*All extra entry opportunities are worth one entry

Comment once for each of your entries. :) Good luck to everyone. I'm hosting this because I know this past month I've been a horrible blogger [and it took me so long to announce the winner of my last contest] and I want to make it up to you guys. :)

Thank you for all your support! Bye!