Monday, August 23, 2010

How To: Rock the Military Trend

The military trend is kind of huge. Burberry Prorsum fall 2011 rtw collection. Mary-Kate Olsen on the cover of Marie Claire. Kate Hudson. Claire Danes. Rachel McAdams. Alexa Chung. Countless, beautiful women are sporting this look.

And like I mention in an earlier post, I've become obsessed. But take one look at my Amelia Would Be Jealous Pt. One and you'll totally understand. Trust me. :)

The easiest way to rock the military trend is in a jacket. Obviously because dating back for centuries military jackets are iconic. The British Red Coats. The old American military camoflauge print. I could go on and list jacket after jacket but I think you get my point.

Rachel looks low key and relaxed in her military-inspired jacket. I say inspired because you don't want to look like you moonwalked out of a Micheal Jackson music video. Subtle details are key. Obviously the dark green is synonmous with the military trend.

Plus, the masculine feel of the jacket make it lean into the military trend. I know that women proudly serve in the armed forces [thank you], I mean two of my aunts are retired from the Army but the armed forces tend to have a defininte masculine feel because most are male.

The jacket doesn't have an over-embellished look and looks like something from an old movie. Something like a young recrutee would wear as he waves to his family as he boards the bus for training camp.

Next, Nicky takes the military trend and infuses it with girliness. The bold buttons of the jacket are a throw back to when military uniforms were mostly for show rather than camoflauge from enemies. And while the cut is decidedly feminine the leather fabric gives it an edginess.

The rest of her outfit is muted in color. A military jacket always looks a little funny when paired with hot pink yoga pants and a canary yellow tee.

Finally, Rihanna pays homage to another branch in the military. The Navy, of course. A lot of times I think people hear military and automatically think Army. But in Burberry Prorsum last fall collection there were inspirations taken from the navy with navy and black pea coats.

I also loved the unexpected pops of a rich fusia color. Complete brilliance! :) But Christopher Bailey managed to mix in influences from the army, air foce [bomber jackets never looked so good], and the navy. Looking outside of the expected is what fashion is all about.

Don't stick to the green and beige if the navy, cream, and black are more you're thing. Take a trend and think of how to wear it, so that it is all you.

Hope your day is wonderful. "Because you're amazing. Just the way you are. Cause when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while." -Bruno Mars