Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking Forward to Fall

Right now I have Pamplona Purple on my nails by OPI. :) I was so excited because a few days ago I got my second manicure ever. [does that make a complete dork?] I normally just paint my nails myself because I like to save my money for other things like clothes or makeup or books.

But the me, my sister, and my two cousins decided to all get our nails done and I indulged. :)

I know this might sound weird but its been so log since I've posted that I'm not quite sure what to say...Agh! Okay. Lane. Focus! :)

I know school is coming up. [my last year in high school. I'm already a little sad...] And I've already started school shopping. I feel that since last year my style has gotten a little edgier and I've been searching for the ultimate leather [or rather fake leather] since I've become obsessed with the rocker-esque look. :)

Anyway, here are a few ways to rock the leather look with out looking like you're part of a biker gang.

Love Kat Bowden's mini leather skirt. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable rocking a leather skirt to school but I loved the way it looked on her so much that I decided to add the picture anyway. I also adore the color of her top. The bright pop of color contrasts with the black of her skirt. Love it!

Plus the light shirt keeps the look from becoming too heavy with the leather skirt and the leather shoe. She looks stunning.

And Reese with her leather tote. Bags are an easy way to incorporate leather into your look. They're subtle and will last a lifetime. Unlike the leather skirt that will start to get tight in the hips once most of us hit our late fifties. [probably not something most of us want to think about. sorry for the terrifying mental image!]

I think that Reese has a style that is so effortless. I mean don't we all want to look like we rolled out of bed, threw on a chic outfit, and walked out the door? Well, I know that I do but my outfits normally require more work than that. :)

Okay, well I don't want to bore you so I'm signing off now. Does anyone know where to get a really cute leather jacket? Please leave a comment below. Bye! :)

Oh, and my contest ends tomorrow! Good luck to everyone that entered! :D