Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Priceless

Nicole Richie has been making the rounds promoting her new book, Priceless. I actually caught her interview on GMA. Nicole is a style icon. Its seems that no matter what she's doing, she looks effortlessly boho chic. And don't we all remember her in her Simple Life days?
That was soooo long ago. My sister loved that show. Now, Nicole has transformed into a classy woman with two children and marraige in the future [maybe?]. She was very coy on GMA. But I learned that Nicole had written a book four years ago.

It's called The Truth About Diamonds: A Novel. I don't remember it coming out. Do you? Maybe I was just in another world at that time. Sometimes that happens. But to celebrate Nicole, I'm doing a post about her style that has filled the pages of countless bloggers. [you guys know its true]

Nicole is just shopping in Beverly Hills. Her street style is simple and very, very bohemian. The floopy hat is so casual compared to her over-the-knee boots and vintage fur vest. She's a master at mixing pieces whether its patterns or textures or...just clothing in general. :)

That pop of red is to die! :) Sigh. I know I sound so stupid but I'm a huge fan of bright, bold pops of colors. Its so simple and red looks so good on brunettes. I don't know why, I'm sure there's some reason, but the contrast between the brown and the red is just amazing. [oh, in case you couldn't guess i have brown hair]

First of all, let me say that those cut out shoes are amazing! How fashion forward, yet entirely wearable. And don't get me wrong I love editorial but ready to wear is my bread and butter. And also only Nicole Richie could pull off tights, denim shorts, a bejewled vest, and Louboutins without looking like a gypsy escapee.

[this is random but everytime i write the word escape, i mentall say "es-caw-pay" like from Finding Nemo. my friend used to do it all the time and now its worn off on me]

I'm off to Florida in a couple days. My school has a break coming up so its the perfect time. I know I might have mentioned this already but I'm planning on pre-writing blogs and then posting them, so if my next couple posts seem weird, or odd, or any other synonym for not normal, then you'll know why. there anything [besides Disney World and Universal Studios] that I should do when I'm down there? Advice is gladly taken.

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