Thursday, October 7, 2010

How To: Wear Red

Moulin Rouge!, with its music and clothes, was a roller coaster of a movie. Nicole shimmered in red lipstick. Ewan sang his heart out for the girl he loved. Moulin Rouge! is one of my favorite movies [of all time]. And what kind of Moulin Rouge fan would I be if I didn't love the color red?

Red is a great color for all skin tones. It just has to be worn properly. And that's what I'm going to talk about.

A bright, vibrant red looks [truly, utterly, and completely] amazing on girls with dark hair and olive to dark skin. The bright color contrast beautifully against the dark color of the hair and brings out the rosy color in olive to dark skin.

It almost works like a blush. A bright, true red can look amazing on a girl with rosy to pale skin. But a problem that often occurs when red is worn too close to the face is it will make a girl with red undertones in her skin look ever redder. [istant sunburn]

Like shown on Vanessa. The red makes her complection warmer and the neutral bottom half don't distract from her bold statement. This outfit would look amazing for school or even a date.

Her outfit is minimal and she doesn't have too many accesories. If you are  wearing such a bold color next to your face a bold neckalce is unneccesay. A simple gold chain would suffice. Don't go over board. Bold colors can stand alone.

Another way to wear red without going quite as bold is wearin accesories. Red shoes. Red bags. Red bangles. They make a statement without going over-board.

Whitney looks adorable with her fun, flower shoes, polka-dot skirt, and dark shirt. Again, the red color does not need any competition and she kept her outfit simple and clean. Any color can be used to make a bold statement with the shoe.

I love wearing my dark wash skinnie, a navy blue tank, and my purple converse. Make shoes the center of attention rather than the accesorie. [in other words: let your shoes be the bride rather than the supportive friend who helps make the outfit flow effortlessly.]

A lady in red. Yes, we know the song. I've sung it many times. But a simple way to be a lady in red without looking like a huge, red balloon, is to make it a slightly muted red. It still makes a huge impact but it does look like you're wearing a dress right out of a Crayola box.

Plus, a muted red or even a maroon tends to more flattering on blondes and red-heads. Don't belive the myth that red-heads can't wear red. It doesn't look trashy or clashy [nince rhyming skills, huh?] if done with the right color.

Brown accesories are also a nice [and slightly more casual] approach to styling your outfit. Black and red is a harsh color combonation and looks amazing but the brown is softer. And a safter route.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks on how to wear red. Comment. Then follow on Facebook or thorough GFC! :D Thank you!