Monday, October 11, 2010

Tighter Than Tight

Fall is officially here. Well, its been here for a while but I felt like saying it again. Why do you ask? Well, I'm not quite sure but it felt like a good intro. Was if? On a scale of one to ten where did it land? [sorry. i'm asking too many questions in the intro. jeez. same some for later.]

And I'm a HUGE fan of tights. They make it easier to wear skirts/dresses in the fall. My favorite season, btw.

Whether they're sheer like Frida Pinto's or Rachel Bilson's, it doesn't matter. :) I guess Frida wanted her top and bottom to be cohesive. Heidi and Tim would be so proud. But all joking aside she looks really put together after a long flight. How do celebrities do that? I'm in sweats on a plane because my parents always book the red eyes to save money.

Yes. I took a red eye to Florida. It sucked or at least I think it will because I'm pre-writing this. But when does getting up at four in the morning not suck? Answer: never. :) And Rachel's top is adorable. I want it!

Brooklyn Decker and Mary-Kate Olsen prove that black tights paired with black heels give the illusion of a taller figure. :) Both women are lovely and I must admit that I'm a total Mary-Kate fan. I grew up watching her videos and I've always been a supporter of her.

And both of these women also prove that tights are for winter. Especially if you wear ice skating tights under your sheer black ones. The skater tights are very thick and are designed to keep you warm, that way its comfortable for you to look absolutely stunning but honestly the skating tights work wonders. :) I have at least three pairs.

This post is relatively short. Key word there is relative. I know that I tend to ramble and this makes people will skim my posts instead of reading them. Oh, well. :) I just love writing and once my fingers are flying across my keyboard, there is no stopping them! Um. Bye. :)