Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Month of January

I know. It's still fall but recently at the Grammy's January Jones was given a lot of slack for wearing an Armani Prive blue gown. To be honest it was avante guard and a tad bit fashion-forward for such a main stream event like the Grammy's but I commend January for her bold spirit. :)

Anyway, January's style is so simple and effortless that I was inspired to blog about her. She's on the hit AMC show, Mad Men and she is said to appear in the fourth installment of the X-Men movies, X-Men: First Class.

First, January has excellent street style. It's classic, simple, and put together. She's a risk-taker and I applaud her. [i think i already said that but whatever] That bold red oxford shoe is stunning. They makes a statement and makes sense when paired with her subtle, laid-back outfit.

January takes a more city-chic approach but its still laid-back and comfortable. The blue scarf is another pop of color. Blonde, blue-eyed, pale women tend to look marvelous in blue--especially bold electric blue. Her tattered pants and tough, military-inspired jacket bring an edge and toughness that I really respond to.

Finally, January's red carpet style is impecable! She looks classic in a Atelier Versace white mini-dress at Mad Men's premiere in NYC. The dresses' unique cut makes her arms look long and lean. And I love the subtle flapper-inspired details. A white moment will stand the test of time. Just remember Marilyn Monroe's  famous white moment.

Not only can January pull of a dress to perfection, but she looks amazing in a pant as well. Those high-waisted Louis Vuitton pants and floral top are the perfection combonation. The proportions are marvelous and January manages to bring life and light when these somber colors could have easily looked depressing. This look has got be my favorite hands down. It's just...stunning.

Although I love this woman's style I've never actually seen Mad Men. I never know what time it comes on. I should be back soon. :) And then I'll try to post as often as I can. School is starting to get intense but blogging is one of my priorities. I promise.