Friday, October 15, 2010

A True Classic

I know. I'm behind. I even missed Burberry Prorsum's fashion show even though I was at home because I was trying to sleep off my cold. It didn't actually work but what can you do? Here are a few of my favorite looks? What were yours?

Burberry Prorsum managed to reinvent a classic trench--again. Taking a look back on Burberry's history, Christopher Bailey managed to create looks that were both sleek and modern. It seems like Mister Bailey never ceases to please. Whether you're a fan of metallic, leather, animal print, or shrunken fit there is a trench for you.

Another highlight: those skin-tight leather leggings. Not always the most flattering garmet for girls larger than a size zero but done the Burberry Prorsum way it can make a girl drool. From the quilted texture on the left to the long strips of patent leather on the right, it makes for quality pieces made with brilliant craftsmanship.

Plus isn't that biege blazer with the light blue belt adorable? If I could have one piece then that would be it. Easily. Easily. :) So simple but never boring.

Then I loved the pops of bright colors. :) My mother would die for that lime green and I have to admit that its pretty amazing too. It adds an element of fun or excitment. Plus that leather jacket on the right is insane. But then again, all of the jackets in this collection are insane. :)

Then there are those delicate draped tops and dresses mixed effortlessly with hard leather jackets or vest. The absolute perfect mixture of soft and hard. This is what I wish I could look like everyday. I simply adore that leather vest. So chic any biker would  want one. Just kidding. :)

Okay. I'll stop now. There are so many more picture that I would love to show you but I know that long posts are boring. So I'm cutting it short. :) Its about quality rather than quantity, right?

And have a great day, or at least try to. :) I'm coming home today so I'll get back into the normal posting schedule. How were my scheduled posts? Did they go off without a glitch? Geez, I hope so.