Thursday, October 28, 2010

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

Good afternoon. :) I have so much homework right now and I'm procrastinating. Does anyone else have a procrastination problem? I get my schoolwork done but I wait until the last possible second. And I mean the last possible second, like the period before its due.

Okay, well I'm going to do an I Love My... post featuring one of my all time favorite style icons. Yes. I mean Ms. Nicole Richie. She is a bohemian goddess.

Wearing YSL Platform Pumps, Sheer Black Tights, and a Long-Sleeved Grey Printed Dress.

Wearing YSL Platform Pumps, Black Katy Rodriguez Skirt, Mui Mui Bag, Black Tights, and 3/4 Sleeve Turtleneck.

Wearing YSL Black Pumps, Black Tights, Red Sonia Rykiel Double Breasted Short Coat.

Nicole Richie always looks amazing. My friend May and I always compare notes on what celebrtie's closet we would steal and Nicole has consistantly been in my top ten for like three solid years. She looks bananas. :)

This is totally random but this past weekend my family and I went to The Rainforest Cafe to celebrate my sister's birthday. I went once when I was young, like five or seven, and I vaugely remembered it but it was so much more awesome than I what I was expecting. Their Rasta Pasta is the bomb! And their Key Western [i think that's what it's called but correct me if i'm wrong] smothie was delicious!! :)

It was amazing. I really loved the thunderstorms that come through every so often. I know I sound really lame. I'm sorry. But those elephant robots were adorable. I even took a picture with it. I know. I know. Dork alert. :) Comment below and please follow on Facebook!