Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Heart D&G

D&G's S/S 2011 RTW collectionw was super refreshing and very literal. What screams spring more than floral prints? :) I also loved the Snow White tees, probably because I'm at Disney World right now so I'm very nostalgic right now.

But, truly D&G was clean, sweet, and young.

I was in love with all the red that came down the runway. I try to wear red as often as I can [don't worry. i do have other colors in my wardrobe.] because it makes my complexion so rosy and my hair look shinier. But honesty, the designing duo of  Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the only people who could make bright red leather shorts look fashion-forward not tacky. Those red boots are also stunning!

D&G is a master of mixing prints. I love mixing prints but sometimes its a lot harder than fashion magazines make it look. But this entire collection is filled with looks that I want to steal off the runway and throw into my closet. Also, for some reason I adore that large green canvas bag. Total highlight.

And continuing on with the roomper trend that seemed to explode last summer, is back with D&G. They sent several classic rompers down the runway but what I really loved were those pant rompers. So simple. So chic. :) These would really come in handy on those mornings when I'm a zombie.

Accents of khaki gave this collection a steady base to stand on. D&G could have esaily gone over board with floral prints and more floral prints and more floral prints. But these basic neutrals were a nice breate of air. D&G managed to make khaki seem young and fresh. Love those shorts. :)

Spring is looking pretty good from here. :) Lately I've really, really liked Selena Gomez's new song, A Year Without Rain. What do you guys think?