Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gaga Goes Elle

Lady Gaga has gone Elle. Obviously, from the title. :) I really love how up-beat and easy her music is to listen to. I'm never bored with Gaga. And I've become obsessed with Elle Magazine. I think its my new favorite magazine.

I have an addiction with magazines. I love reading--I'm a read-a-holic--but I love having something that I can flip through without having to pay close attention to it. I love reading them when I go on planes.

My carry-on bag is always filled with my computer and magazines. I will store them in my house for weeks before my flight--refusing to read them until actual take off. Random fact of the day.
And here is Lady Gaga being, well, Lady Gaga. Enjoy.

Before I left on my trip I extended the deadline of my contest, I had a post scheduled to be published when I was gone telling you guys that. It was actually a slightly-edited version of this post. But for some reason it didn't publish. I accidentally put 2011 for the year.

I'm still not sure how that happened. But what's in the past is in the past. :) Um. Some people realized that and entered but I don't think many people did. I'm catching on school work from when I was gone so I'll announce the winner by Friday.

Please be patient. I have some post written for this week too. I hope you guys enjoy those and I'm glad to announce that I have 800 followers! Isn't that insane? I never thought that would really happen. I had always hoped but I'd never thought it would actually happen.

I'm blown away. Thank you guys. For commenting and reading and everything that you do. Without you guys I would be a just another blog on the Internet. I don't think I could possibly express how grateful and happy I am right now. Thank you. :)