Friday, September 17, 2010

Random on Friday

TGIF!! :) Tonight is another football game. Woohoo! We lost our first game so hopefully we win? Or maybe not lose as badly. There's always hoping. Today I should probably post about something fashion related. Because, well duh, this is a fashion blog after all.

But I feel like mixing it up a little today. Today's post will be completely random and really make little to no sense. :) I hope you guys enjoy and if you don't, I'll post another fashion post tomorrow or on Sunday. I promise! :)
I found this on youtube! It's the coolest--okay maybe not the coolest but its still pretty cool. Thanks Randon93! You're my favorite too. :)

[ugh. i can't get the video to appear so I'm just going to post a link. i hate it when technology lets me down] :(

My friend sent this picture to me in an email and I cracked up! The cat even has Robert Pattinson's pasty skin and steamy, smoldering stare. I don't know how people have time to do this type of thing but I guess I blog about fashion and other people enjoy dressing up cats like famous celebrities. Who am I to judge?

I don't mean this as a diss to Robert. I do enjoy the Twilight series. :)

Have you been watching Hellcats. I only caught one episode but I don't know if I like it or not. The drama with the cheer coach wasn't that interesting. I reserve the right to form an opinion until I've seen another epsiode. But, question: Does Martie ever wear a shirt that covers her belly?

Good thing she lives in Memphis otherwise she would get cold. :) [wow. i sounded really stupid just now]

Plus did anyone see Karlie Kloss on Gossip Girl on Monday! I guess I was completely out of the loop and I was sitting there thinking, "Wow. That girl looks just like Karlie Kloss. No...wait! That is Karlie!"

Oh, sometimes I'm so behind the curb. And I guess, that's the first random Friday. Let me know if you want more. If you want less, tell me. I can handle it...I think.


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