Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mi piace la moda

Versace. When I hear word I think sexy, Italian sexy. And this year Donatella did not disappoint. The hems might have been longer than usual but a girl does not have to wear a non-existant mini-skirt to be sexy. Donatella knows that.

The cut-outs give a flash of skin plus give a simple blue mini-dress interest and originality. It does the same for a simple black tank. These are looks made for a confident, sexy woman made by a confident, sexy woman.

White. The color of snow. The color of polar bears. And the hardest color to keep clean. But any woman who can afford Versace can certainly afford a top grade cleaner. :) Sigh. This year Donatella stuck to basics, well when it came to colors.

Yellow. White. Red. Black. Aquamarine. And, well of course, nude.

And while Donatella decided to keep the colors basic. The execution was anything but. She mixed all the colors of the collection into two different prints. Which was genius, by the way. Can't get enough of that striped print. :) Adorable!

Asymmetrical necklines flatter almost any woman. They're a staple in almost every Versace collection. Nudes also look great on most women. Nude clothes tend to slim and nude shoes make your legs appear longer. Speaking of shoes, those Versace cut-out shoes are stunning. They mimic the cut-outs in their clothes and they're so amazing. I want them! :)

Oh, Italian fashion. I love you. :) Disclaimer: I got the title from Google Translator so I hope that it makes sense. I don't actually speak Italian so I'm taking Google's word for it.

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