Sunday, September 12, 2010

NYFW: Part One

Good morning everyone! :) I'm up really early today. I know that's a little weird. But since I was up I figured I'd write a post. Fashion Week is going on as we speak and sadly I'm not there. :( But that's okay.

But I have seen Jason Wu's Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear Collection and I love it!

Jason Wu has this ability to take masculine pieces and just make then utterly feminine. The bow details and punches of fuchsia were lovely. And I'm not normally a fan of fuchsia. His collection was whimsical and completely modern at the same time. These are clothes the everyday women--including myself--could wear for years.

The blouses were kind of a con and plus wrapped into one. I mean they're obviously see-through. Anyone could tell that and its sort of a hassle to have to find something to wear under it. I mean when you buy Jason Wu you're dropping several hundred dollars on a shirt.

But I guess the woman who can afford Jason Wu can afford to have it lined. But these blouses are done so wonderfully--excellent cut and fabric choices--I kind of don't mind seeing a ton of boobage all over the runway. But that's just me.

His tailored pieces were perfection. Its a suit and a skirt that young women want to wear. Its a sexy and young. And speaking of sexy and young...that finale dress! Sigh. With Karlie Kloss. It was stunning. The color. The elegance. There's no wonder that this brand has blossomed into a financial success in its short four years. I'm in love but I think I already mentioned that. :)

The funky glasses have to be one of my favorite parts too. I'm a sucker for nerdy-esque glasses. That's why I'm such a fan of nerd day at my school. I wear my 3D glasses from the movie theater with the lenses popped out. I'm a dork. :)

What do you think?

Jason Wu was quoted as saying, "I'm ready to be here for a hundred years." And if he keeps making clothes as elegant and timeless as these, I truly believe he's well on his way of accomplishing that.
I'll talk to you guys soon! :) Bye! Oh, but don't forget to check out my $75 Target Giveaway. It's ending soon!