Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wallet Friendly Style

As most of us learned at an early age, money doesn't grow on trees. And with this tough economy designers have started to realize this too. That is why many of them have become to designer and manufacture for the middle class.

Yes, finally designers like Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen, Max Azria, Isaac Mizrahi, & Anna Sheffield. They are all going cheap and that is only for the benefit of the customers of Target and Walmart alike.

Alexander McQueen & Isaac Mizrahi were one of the first big name designers to partner with Target and create a line that was fashion forward, wearable, and more importantly, cheap. Both have had lines available to Target shoppers online and in stores but that time is long gone. Their merchandise is no longer available but they have led the way for other designers ready to branch out.

Max Azria
Now we've all seen the commercials. It's Miley Cyrus' new line for Walmart but what most people are forgetting is that that fame Max Azria from BCBGMAXAZRIA. He's talented and has stores that litter the world. He and Miley have combined forces to put out a line that is mostly aimed at teens. It heavily focuses on t-shirts and doesn't seem to showcase Max in all of his designer wonder but maybe next collection....

Anna Sui
She has been called by Time magazine as one of the Top 5 Style Icons of the Decade. Not to mention she's one of the most successful living American designers. Inspired by the hit show Gossip Girl, Anna has partnered with Target to but out a line made for the confident woman. She designed the clothes to be worn by the fashionistas Blair, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa. They are available for purchase on Sept. 13 and I know you ladies are biting at the bit. :)

Anna Sheffield
Target has a thing for Annas. But this one is going to bring jewelery to a store near you. This New York based designer has worked in collaboration with style icons such as Marc Jacobs and fans of her work include Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba. Anna is not afraid to mix silver and gold, as you will find both in her collection. Hearts, charms, and lightning bolts are also strong in her work.

Maybe this is a growing trend for the future.

I promised myself that my next blog would be fashion related as the last few have been really off topic. But I will tell you that I am so excited for the U.S. Open! (Yeah, tennis!) But I'm keeping myself contained to that little shout out. :)

What designer would you want to create a wallet friendly line? Please Comment & Follow! :D