Sunday, September 13, 2009

Awesome Girlies

First I'd like to apologize to pip a la chic for taking so long to continue on the tag/award. I know that it feels kind of sucky when you take the time to tag someone and then they don't even respond. :) But know I'm actually doing it. Pip a la chic tagged me on Tuesday and I'm just now getting around to it. Bad me.

Anyway, it is super hard to find a good blog that hasn't already been given this award. Because that's part of the rules. I have to list ten random facts about myself and then pass it on. But its seems like most of the blogs I like already have this award. So if I tag you and you've already received this, I won't take offense if you don't continue on the tag.

I just love your blog and want to tell my readers about you. Because all of the ladies I recommend are amazing, so just drop by their blogs and see for yourself. :)

Anyway onto the random facts:

1. My favorite animal is a Wombat.

2. I've been attempting to play the piano for the past year and I can only play three songs. Pretty sad, I know. But maybe its because I never practice.

3. Blog surfing has become my latest obsession.

4. I play the flute in pep band and the bassoon in concert band. I know I'm a total band geek and I love it. :)

5. I have my ears pierced but I never seem to wear earrings.

6. I have an irrational fear that one day when I open my blinds a creepy man's face will be starring into my window. It's even more frightening because I live on the second story.

7. I never know where I put things last and I live in a constant state of organized chaos.

8. I collect Disney figurines, sweatshirts from my school (I think I have five but I've only been going there for a year), and movies

9. Tennis is my favorite sport and Rafael Nadal is so cute! :)

10. I am tabloid obsessed. I have subscriptions to US weekly and OK!

The ladies that I tag are the following:

The Redhead Fashionista

Purtee in Pink

Keeps Getting Better

Life or Something Like It

Elizabeth Boyle

Again, if you've already gotten this I probably already know. Its just these are the bloggers that I actually read. I think its kind of lame to just tag bloggers because they haven't been tagged yet. Idk. Congrats ladies. :)

Btw, I'm feeling kind of sick and if I don't post for a while that's the reason.

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