Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hit or Miss

Yes, the smell of tennis balls are in the air. As many of you probably already know, Anna Wintour has been seen cheering on (maybe not cheering but definately watching) these lovely ladies and gentlemen as they fight for the chance to be known as the best.

And since this is Ms. Wintour's favorite sport (Yes, and I mean Ms. Wintour as in editor in cheif of American vouge) many of the tennis player have tried to up their fashion sense and show Ms. Wintour what they're made of.

This attempt to dress well and still look great (I mean athletic attire isn't supposed to be the most flattering, just look at what gymnast are forced to wear) is sometimes a hit but also can be quite comical. We'll start with the comical.

Rafael Nadal. He's one of the best tennis players of the moment but his man capris aren't really working here... And if one man-pri isn't enough of course Nadal stunned us all with the fact that he had another pair waiting to meet the world. The red white look is a little better maybe because they don't seem so long or baggy.

Next we have Vania King. I can only say that her dress looked like something I would wear when I was five. I can only as her what. What was she thinking?

Now we will move onto people who looked completely put together. :)

Serena has gotten much better with her style. I love this color against her skin. The red is gorgeous. :)

I mean don't we all remember some of her previous looks? Well, if you don't here's a little something to refresh your memory.

Huge improvement I know. :) I love it. :) But her sister wasn't doing so well. I'm still confused about the stripes that are coming down her dress. Its a nice dress otherwise but the stripes in my opinion are a little dsitracting. Get it together Venus.

But another look I really liked was Victoria Azarenka's blue look. She looks like a mature girl ready to play tennis. It's slightly less fashion forward than Serena, its a more classic tennis look, but its beautiful. :)

So, that's it for now. This blog is a lot longer than I had originally intended. But oh, well. This is what I've been doing this fine Labor Day Weekend. Super exciting, I know. I wish you all fun on your long weekend. :D
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