Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Mysterious Man

Lately, it seems like every magazine is doing something to do with New Moon. But let's face it, New Moon is a phenomenon and its not going away any time soon. My friend is obsessed with Robert Pattinson, well, maybe not obsessed, but she wouldn't mind it he never wore another shirt again. :)

Anyway, Robert is on the cover of Vanity Fair. (She was very excited.) But from what she tells me there was only like three-five pictures of Robert in the magazine. She says, "The cutest guy in Hollywood, besides David Beckham, deserves more than four pictures. Ugh."

I'm sure an eye roll was included somewhere in there. But I'm not quite sure...

Even though she was exagerating, there were more than four Robert pics, she still craved for more. :)

But, if you guys don't know this, I love photos. But I hate it when magazines get lazy and recycle pictures. I think its so much fun to just take pictures. Hey, maybe I have a future in photography? I just have to convince my parents to buy me a better camrea. :)

I, please don't hate me, don't see what everyone sees in Robert. :) He's okay, but he's not the ideal man. Or at least, not in my opinion. But in these pictures, he looks nice. He doesn't look greasy; he looks really nice!
Even if he does look a little broody. :)
Do you guys like Rob or Taylor? What do you think of these shots? Please Comment and Follow! :D