Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Forgetful Haul

Well, this really isn't a haul. Its more of what I got for my super, super belated birthday. Do any of you have parents who buy you birthday gifts months in advance but then forget to give them to you on your birthday?

Well, that's my mother. :) But I love her despite her forgetfulness. <3>

Ok. So here's the haul. Its not that big but I liked the stuff I got. :)

Stephenie Meyer's The Host. I am so excited. I used to be totally anti-Twilight but then I read the books and fell in love (the movie wasn't so great). So since I've run out of Twilight books to read, I figure I can move onto The Host. My friend says it was a good book, but I don't know. :)

A cute necklace from Pac Sun. It kind of reminds me of something I saw at Forever 21. :)

A basic grey cardigan from this new store in my mall called Papaya. I've been inside but I don't own anything from there other than this cardigan. A lot of their stuff seems cute though. :)

And finally a blue floral T-shirt from Forever 21. *sigh* I love getting new clothes. :)

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