Monday, November 9, 2009

Color Splash

My favorite color is purple. :) I've loved it since before I can remember and I contune to love it to this day. (I just no longer have a purple backpack, binder, pencil, pants, shirts, bedspread, etc.)

Anyway, when Nik (please check out her blog) color tagged me I was so ready to show my purple collection to the world. :) As I wandered around my house I finally realized how many purple things I posessed.

Basically I had to find and photograph 7 purple things in my house. Hmmmm....I think I'm up to the challege. So here it goes....

1. Purple Bubble Top from F21. :)

2. My stuffed elephant dubbed "Humphries". He's just chilling on my bed.

3. My purple contact holder. Use them everyday. :)

5. Purple Fleece Blankets that my mom keeps in her car just in case it breaks down. Not quite sure why its in the house. If you look closely you can see Humphries hanging out in the background. :)

6. Purple Luffa (I'm sorry if I'm spelling this wrong). Looking at this picture it looks a little tattered and I think I might need a new one. :)

7. A 3/4 sleeve shirt from Aeropostale. Nothing really special about it except...well, it was the second purple shirt I could grab. :)

Now Nik tagged me a really long time ago. Sorry for taking so long to finally do it. :) But I now tag anyone who wants to do it. It really is one of the funner tags I've done in a while.

What is your favorite color? Please Comment and Follow! :D