Saturday, November 7, 2009

These Are My Confessions

Glee. It's not just an emotion, its now a show on FOX.
To be honest I've only seen three episodes but I find myself fascinated with this strange, high school musical-ish tv series. In the first episode I watched, the boys and girls faced off in a competion where both groups performed mash-ups.

(apparently "a mash-up is when you take two songs and mash them together to create an even richer explosion of musical expression")But I'm not a choir/glee club person and thus I didn't know this.

The show is not meant to be realistic but I still like it. :)

Anyway, back to the "mash-up". I think the boys killed it. I loved their mash-up of "It's My Life" and "Confessions Part II".

What shows do you guys like to watch? Please Comment and Follow! :D