Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Share the Love

Two weeks in a row I have posted Share the Love on time. So proud. But let's see if I can go an entire month without messing up. Now that is a real challenge. Please share the love with these lovely ladies and check out their blogs/channels.

Need a laugh? Check out Meg Cabot's blog post about the the problem with foreign book covers. Life is so challenging for a NY Times best selling author. :)

Sarah from A Day in the Life of Sarah is listening to E.T. and looking awesome in her new OOTD! Check out her blog!

Michelle Phan's March Favorites video! Plus, you're view counts go towards a good cause. Makeup + helping others. My favorite combo.

Dale, from Savvy Spice, is holding an amazing giveaway featuring candy and giftcards. Better enter quickly before it ends! Go. Go. Go.

Jess, from Jessica's Eye for Style, loves spring. And so do I! Get inspired by Paris Vogue.

The best and worst drugstore eyeliners according to FleurDeForce on YouTube. Enjoy.

Another Share the Love. Done! I hope that you enjoyed that. Please leave links to your favorite blog posts [i don't mind self nominations] for next weeks segment. Thank you for reading. You guys are the best! Don't let anyone tell you differently!

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