Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drew Barrymore's Red Hair

Today I'm a little hair obsessed. Drew Barrymore recently revealed her new bold red hair and I immediately fell in love! Now I'm a huge Drew Barrymore fan--Music & Lyrics, The Wedding Singer, &
E.T. What's not to love about Drew? But this color just makes her skin shine so beautifully. She was beautiful as a blonde or a brunette...but I just adore this color!

It makes her green eyes just pop even more! The loose waves, that look completely effortless, are so simple and chic. I don't know if Drew dyed her eyebrows to match her new hair but they look a bit more copper-y in this picture. It takes a brave woman to make such a drastic change and I admire Drew's gumption. I really, do. I have been longing to make a big change to my hair--either chop it all off or dye it. I haven't decided yet but this summer I think there will be a huge change to my long, black hair. I'll keep you posted.

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