Saturday, April 30, 2011

Elle Fanning's Milk-Maid Braid

Elle Fanning is such a fashionista! And she's not even old enough to drive. I have blogged about her in the past and each time I see her on the red carpet my admiration for this Ms. Fanning just grows and grows.

The topic of today's post is my obsession with the above pictured hairstyle. I believe that some people called it the "milkmaid braid". But no matter what it's called, I think it is absolutely stunning. It frames her small face perfectly. I also saw Zoe Saldana wearing this look but I prefer it on Elle.

I attempted to copy this look on Saturday and I thought it was a pretty decent copy-cat. When I was at Wal-Mart I actually got two compliments/inquiries about my hairstyle. I concluded that it was a success. What I simply adore about this look is the fact that it is so unexpected and unique. Instead of wearing a simple pony-tail or a messy bun, try the "milk-maid braid".

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