Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Share the Love

Hello! I hope that you enjoyed my earlier post about my new nail polish obsession. But I'm back on schedule with my "Share the Love" posts after missing a day two weeks ago. I hope you enjoy!

Check out Jordy's Easter giveaway. You could win Gwen Stefani's "G by the Sea" perfume! The packaging is adorable!

Are you a nerd? Do you like to laugh? Please enjoy these 31 Jokes for Nerds. Thanks Hank!

Check out what Gracey thought about the book "Shoo, Jimmy Choo!"

Are Crocs cute? You may be surprised by the answer...Yes! Join MissGlamorazzi as she travels all over Chicago proving that Crocs aren't just for gardeners and bus drivers.

Another fabulous Seven on Saturday by Grace from Smile Couture. Always look forward to these but I especially loved this one.

Val, from Val's Closet, got a new haircut. It looks so good! What do you think?

As always, leave comments about your favorite blog posts/YouTube videos. I accept self-nominations. This is a way to spread information and suggestions throughout the community. If you want to create your own Share the Love post leave a in link below or tweet it! I would love to hear your weekly favorites.

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