Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cecilia Han

English name: Cecilia Han
Chinese name: 韩雪
Synonyms: Xuexue, snow Xiao Ning, snow big, Xue Jie
Nationality: China
Nationality: Chinese
Birthplace: Suzhou
Date of Birth: January 11, 1983
Occupation: Singer, actress
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg

Cecilia 1561 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1561.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia 1547 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1547.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
University: Shanghai Theatre Academy, 2001 performance series
Representative work: “Crossings life,” “Beijing memories” of the “sword” “Little Fairy”
Main achievements: 2004 Rookie of the Orient Billboard
Southern Festival the most attractive actress in 2005
Internet Grand Ceremony 2005 Rookie of the Year Award
Constellation: Capricorn
Sign of the Zodiac: Dog
Cecilia 1545 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1545.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia 1546 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1546.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia 1548 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1548.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia 1549 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1549.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia 1550 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1550.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia 1551 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1551.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia 1552 _Cecilia Han 韩雪
Cecilia-1552.jpg_Cecilia Han 韩雪