Monday, April 25, 2011

Emma Roberts in Seventeen Magazine

I got the newest issue of Seventeen Magazine and I loved it! I adored the mini article featuring AnnaSophia Rob and Emma Roberts looked stunning on the cover. I was so obsessed with this issue that I went to the Seventeen website, found some outtakes from Emma's photo shoot, and decided to blog about them today. I hope you enjoy!

Emma Roberts in a pair of hot pink sunglasses and a matching top [left]. Emma Roberts in a bright floral dress, black biker boots, and a belted striped cardigan [right].

Emma Roberts in a retro striped cropped top and matching shorts, neon green belt, and pink button-up top [left]. Emma Roberts in a hot pink top, green belt, and sparkly gold bracelet [right].

Emma Roberts in black biker boots, printed tights, a strapless white dress, and vintage inspired jewelry [left]. Emma Roberts in a fun striped top and striped kiddie jewelry [right].

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Photos courtesy of Seventeen