Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Smell Pretty

Hey, guys! :) I'm just got a few things from lush and I'm sooo excited. :)

I'm sitting in my bathroom right now, because quite frankly my bathroom smells like a lush store. But I like it that way. :)

I only got a few things. It wasn't a big spending trip or anything, I mean Christmas just happened. And not only do I have no money but I got enough stuff for Christmas.

The first soap I got was called Bohemian. *sigh* :) It's one of my favorites. According to Lush's website this soap is supposed to clear and refresh your mind. It has a lemony smell but the smells not overpowering at all.

Well, of course I got Honey I Washed the Kids. :) This soap smells soooo good, very much like honey. Although the last time I ordered Honey online it smelled....playdough-y? It was really weird and that's maybe why I don't like to order online. But maybe it was a one0time thing. If you've ever order online from LUSH, were the products weird smelling. Hmmm...I don't know. :)

From now on, I will have to buy this soap whenever I go to LUSH. :) It smells like a nice bouquet of roses. It's called Ring of Roses and I find myself just sitting there and smelling it. I feel so weird. :) But, oh well.

I want to expand my "LUSH Soap Collection" and so if you have a favorite LUSH product, please tell me what it is. Whenever I go into a LUSH store I get so overwhelmed by all the different products, I have a hard time finding new products. :) Please Comment and Follow! :D