Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life In the Comfy Lane

Comfort is key when I sleep. :) And I have to say the sleepwear/hoodies that I'm loving the most at this moment is VS Pink.

I went to Pink during the Black Friday sales. And their stuff was so cute. Later that day I went online to check out all of their stuff and I fell in love with their collegiate series. They have the cutest stuff. The hoodies are adorable. :)

These sleeping shorts are so comfy but I think I'll save them for summer time because it's starting to get a little too cold to sleep in shorts. Instead I'm wearing my thick fleece pjs. Attractive, I know. ;D

I really needed to pick up some sweats, because when I go running outside it is just too cold to go in shorts. My other sweatpants are starting to get worn. So I figured I'd pick up new ones. At first I couldn't decide between the Stanford sweats (Not that I could hope to go there, I just really like their colors and it would be my dream school.) or the Auburn sweats (this school is more realistic. Plus my Dad would be so happy if I went there).

I finally decided to get the Auburn one. :)
But I was really disappointed that they didn't have any gear for UH. It's my mom's Alma mater and I figured I could pick up something for her. But they didn't have ANYTHING. Not a single shirt or sweatshirt.

That was a big bummer. :( But I still love the stuff. :) It's so cute.

What do you think of VS Pink? Please Comment and Follow! :D

PS. My cat is wailing right now and she sounds like she's about to die. *sigh* Oh, Zoey. My little Drama Queen. :) Thanks for reading.