Saturday, December 17, 2011

Healthy dan Beauty of Natural Hair Extensions

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beauty long hairOur hair sometimes reflects of our health. Have a long, beautiful, healthy and shiny hair, is always be a dream of every women. It need five until six years to get a long and beautiful hair. The easiest way to get that is by use hair extensions, it need few hours then a long, beautiful hair will be yours. You can choose to use synthetic hair or natural hair for hair extensions that you do.
Here we will cover about hair extensions using natural hair.
* The price required natural hair are more expensive than synthetic hair, because it need to consider the length, shape, style and quality. There is more durable if it is an uncoloured and untreated hair extensions.
* You can to tape-on hair extensions and clip on hair extensions in your own home because it very easy to apply. It also easy to add the length, fullness, volume or get highlights of your hair. This can be taken in or out in few minutes. These undetectable.
* You can added highlights by yourself without any chemical processing, damage of your hair and also it save money and time too.
* Many of different varieties and design of tape-on or clip-on hair extensions. But almost women choose 18-22 inches of lengths, with silky straight or body wave design. Body wave make your hair more fullness and it soft to touch. It also can be used in a long or short hair. Silky straight also has a soft touch but it can added to a long hair only. You have to make braids to extend the hair. You can request a help of your friends to make the braids in the back.
Natural hair is around three inches long, so it will easy to do. Now you will get a long, beautiful, and healthy hair.